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We now have the top 50 herbs available in 500g bulk packs! The bulk packs are an eco-friendly alternative to bottles, and we are offering them for a special discount of 10% off (compared to the cost of five bottles).
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Placeholder Ai Ye (Tan) $4.10
Placeholder Ba Ji Tian $13.90
Placeholder Ba Zhen Tang_CAPSULE $9.95
Placeholder Ba Zheng San $10.00
Placeholder Ba Zheng San_CAPSULE $7.95
Placeholder Bai Bian Dou $4.50
Placeholder Bai Bu $5.90
Placeholder Bai Dou Kou $13.90
Placeholder Bai Fu Zi (Yu Bai Fu, not Fu Zi) $9.95
Placeholder Bai Guo $12.50
Placeholder Bai He $8.50
Placeholder Bai He Gu Jin Tang $13.95
Placeholder Bai Hua She She Cao $5.90
Placeholder Bai Ji $8.75
Placeholder Bai Jiang Cao $6.90
Placeholder Bai Jie Zi $6.90
Placeholder Bai Mao Gen $6.95
Placeholder Bai Qian $6.90
Placeholder Bai Shao $7.90
Placeholder Bai Shao (Chao) $7.95
Placeholder Bai Tou Weng $6.50
Placeholder Bai Wei $7.80
Placeholder Bai Xian Pi $12.60
Placeholder Bai Zhi $7.90
Placeholder Bai Zhu $8.50
Placeholder Bai Zhu (Chao) $8.90
Placeholder Bai Zi Ren $15.50
Placeholder Ban Lan Gen $8.80
Placeholder Ban Xia (Fa) $23.90
Placeholder Ban Xia (Jiang) $23.90
Placeholder Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Tang $15.50
Placeholder Ban Xia Hou Po Tang $14.25
Placeholder Ban Xia Hou Po Tang_CAPSULE $11.93
Placeholder Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang $16.95
Placeholder Ban Xia Xie Xin Tang_CAPSULE $13.14
Placeholder Ban Zhi Lian $5.90
Placeholder Bao He Wan $12.95
Placeholder Bao He Wan_CAPSULE $10.63
Placeholder Bi Xie $6.90
Placeholder Bi Yan Pian_CAPSULE $10.95
Placeholder Bie Jia $22.20
Placeholder Bo He $5.75
Placeholder Bu Gu Zhi $7.90
Placeholder Bu Yang Huan Wu Tang $15.00
Placeholder Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang $14.95
Placeholder Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang_CAPSULE $12.95
Placeholder Can Sha $5.50
Placeholder Cang Er Zi $5.50
Placeholder Cang Zhu $8.75
Placeholder Cao Dou Kou $8.60
Placeholder Ce Bai Ye $5.90
Placeholder Ce Bai Ye Tan $5.90
Placeholder Chai Hu $13.90
Chai Hu 柴胡 500g bulk pack $62.55
Placeholder Chai Hu Gui Zhi Tang_CAPSULE $12.35
Placeholder Chai Hu Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang $14.95
Placeholder Chai Hu Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang_CAPSULE $10.95
Placeholder Chai Hu Shu Gan San $12.00
Placeholder Chai Hu Shu Gan San_CAPSULE $10.95
Placeholder Chan Tui $18.90
Placeholder Che Qian Cao $5.90
Placeholder Che Qian Zi $5.90
Placeholder Chen Pi $5.50
Placeholder Chen Xiang (1:1) $49.30
Placeholder Chi Shao $7.50
Placeholder Chi Shi Zhi $5.50
Placeholder Chi Xiao Dou $4.75
Placeholder Chong Wei Zi $5.90
Placeholder Chuan Bei Mu (1:1) $39.50
Placeholder Chuan Lian Zi $5.90
Placeholder Chuan Niu Xi $7.80
Placeholder Chuan Xin Lian $5.90
Placeholder Chuan Xiong $7.90
Placeholder Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San (w/o Xi Xin) $11.00
Placeholder Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao San_CAPSULE $10.71
Placeholder Chun Pi $4.90
Placeholder Ci Shi $6.50
Placeholder Ci Wu Jia $6.90
Placeholder Cong Bai $8.50
Placeholder Da Fu Pi $5.90
Placeholder Da Huang $7.50
Placeholder Da Huang (Shu) $7.50
Placeholder Da Ji $4.90
Placeholder Da Qing Ye $5.50
Placeholder Da Xue Teng $6.60
Placeholder Da Zao $5.90
Placeholder Dan Dou Chi $7.50
Placeholder Dan Nan Xing $22.50
Placeholder Dan Shen $9.75
Placeholder Dan Zhu Ye $5.50
Placeholder Dang Gui $8.95
Placeholder Dang Gui (Jiu) $8.95
Placeholder Dang Gui Bu Xue Tang_CAPSULE $10.82
Placeholder Dang Gui Shao Yao San_CAPSULE $11.30
Placeholder Dang Gui Si Ni Tang (w/o Mu Tong and Xi Xin) $11.50
Placeholder Dang Gui Wei $7.95
Placeholder Dang Gui Yin Zi $13.95
Placeholder Dang Shen $9.65
Placeholder Deng Xin Cao $13.00
Placeholder Di Fu Zi $5.50
Placeholder Di Gu Pi $8.95
Placeholder Di Yu $5.90
Placeholder Di Yu Tan $5.90
Placeholder Ding Chuan Tang modified (w/o Ma Huang) $12.00
Placeholder Ding Xiang $9.50
Placeholder Dong Gua Zi $6.90
Placeholder Dong Kui Zi $6.90
Placeholder Du Huo $4.95
Placeholder Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang $13.50
Placeholder Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang_CAPSULE $11.95
Placeholder Du Zhong $12.98
Placeholder E Bu Shi Cao $5.10
Placeholder E Jiao (1:1) $24.95
Placeholder E Zhu $6.95
Placeholder Er Chen Tang $12.75
Placeholder Er Chen Tang_CAPSULE $12.86
Placeholder Er Xian Tang $18.50
Placeholder Er Xian Tang_CAPSULE $13.50
Placeholder Fan Xie Ye (1:1) $5.95
Placeholder Fang Feng $15.50
Placeholder Fang Ji $9.35
Placeholder Fang Ji Huang Qi Tang_CAPSULE $10.56
Placeholder Fo Shou $13.80
Placeholder Fu Ling $8.65
Placeholder Fu Ling Pi $6.90
Placeholder Fu Pen Zi $8.90
Placeholder Fu Shen $10.85
Placeholder Fu Xiao Mai $4.90
Placeholder Fu Zi (Zhi) (5:1, Jiangyou) $20.00
Placeholder Gan Cao $7.90
Placeholder Gan Jiang $9.50
Placeholder Gan Mai Da Zao Tang $9.95
Placeholder Gan Mai Da Zao_CAPSULE $8.08
Placeholder Gao Ben $9.90
Placeholder Gao Liang Jiang $5.90
Placeholder Ge Gen $6.25
Placeholder Ge Hua $6.55
Placeholder Gou Ji (Jin Mao Gou Ji) $8.25
Placeholder Gou Qi Zi $9.45
Placeholder Gou Teng $8.90
Placeholder Gu Jing Cao $9.20
Placeholder Gu Sui Bu $6.90
Placeholder Gu Ya $4.50
Placeholder Gua Lou $8.55
Placeholder Gua Lou Pi $8.90
Placeholder Gua Lou Ren  (100609-x) $12.50
Placeholder Gui Ban $38.90
Placeholder Gui Pi Tang $15.00
Placeholder Gui Pi Tang_CAPSULE $11.95
Placeholder Gui Zhi $7.50
Placeholder Gui Zhi Fu Ling Tang_CAPSULE $9.37
Placeholder Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan $10.95
Placeholder Gui Zhi Tang $9.00
Placeholder Gui Zhi Tang_CAPSULE $7.95
Placeholder Hai Fu Shi $4.90
Placeholder Hai Jin Sha $15.90
Placeholder Hai Piao Xiao $6.90
Placeholder Hai Tong Pi $4.90
Placeholder Hai Zao $6.50
Placeholder He Huan Hua $13.00
Placeholder He Huan Pi $6.50
Placeholder He Shou Wu $8.50
Placeholder He Tao Ren $13.40
Placeholder He Ye $6.90
Placeholder He Zi $6.50
Placeholder Hong Hua $16.50
Placeholder Hong Jing Tian $10.40
Placeholder Hou Po $10.55
Placeholder Hu Po $8.25
Placeholder Hu Zhang $9.00
Placeholder Hua Jiao $9.60
Placeholder Hua Shi $5.50
Placeholder Huai Hua $7.50
Placeholder Huan Shao Dan $16.95
Placeholder Huang Bai $6.90
Placeholder Huang Jing $9.90
Placeholder Huang Lian $19.90
Placeholder Huang Qi $9.60
Placeholder Huang Qi (Mi) $9.80
Placeholder Huang Qin $7.90
Placeholder Huang Qin (Jiu) $7.90
Placeholder Huo Xiang $6.50
Placeholder Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San $12.50
Placeholder Ji Li (Bai Ji Li) $5.50
Placeholder Ji Nei Jin $9.90
Placeholder Ji Xue Teng $5.90
Placeholder Jia Wei Xiao Yao San $12.60
Placeholder Jia Wei Xiao Yao San_CAPSULE $9.95
Placeholder Jian Qu $8.25
Placeholder Jiang Can $12.50
Placeholder Jiang Huang (Pian Jiang Huang) $9.90
Placeholder Jiang Xiang $10.50
Placeholder Jie Geng $8.90
Placeholder Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan_CAPSULE $9.55
Placeholder Jin Qian Cao $8.40
Placeholder Jin Yin Hua $18.90
Placeholder Jin Ying Zi $5.50
Placeholder Jing Fang Bai Du San $12.95
Placeholder Jing Jie $5.90
Placeholder Jiu Cai Zi $11.90
Placeholder Ju He $4.90
Placeholder Ju Hong $8.90
Placeholder Ju Hua $9.50
Placeholder Ju Ye $7.95
Placeholder Juan Bi Tang $15.95
Placeholder Jue Ming Zi $4.90
Placeholder Ku Shen $5.90
Placeholder Kuan Dong Hua $15.90
Placeholder Kun Bu $5.90
Placeholder Lai Fu Zi $5.90
Placeholder Li Zhong Wan_CAPSULE $10.68
Placeholder Lian Qiao $8.90
Placeholder Lian Zi $6.90
Placeholder Lian Zi Xin $6.90
Placeholder Ling Zhi $18.50
Placeholder Liu Ji Nu $6.50
Placeholder Liu Jun Zi Tang $15.95
Placeholder Liu Wei Di Huang Wan $12.50
Placeholder Long Chi $13.90
Placeholder Long Dan $11.90
Placeholder Long Dan Xie Gan Tang $12.50
Placeholder Long Gu $7.75
Placeholder Long Gu [Duan] $7.95
Placeholder Long Yan Rou $12.90
Placeholder Lu Feng Fang $15.60
Placeholder Lu Gen $6.50
Placeholder Lu Jiao $38.60
Placeholder Lu Jiao Shuang $12.90
Placeholder Lu Lu Tong $6.50
Placeholder Lu Xian Cao $7.90
Placeholder Luo Shi Teng $4.50
Placeholder Ma Chi Xian $4.90
Placeholder Mai Dong (Mai Men Dong) $11.57
Placeholder Mai Ya $5.90
Placeholder Mai Ya (Chao) $6.90
Placeholder Man Jing Zi $7.90
Placeholder Mang Xiao (1:1) $6.50
Placeholder Mi Meng Hua $5.72
Placeholder Mo Han Lian (Han Lian Cao) $6.50
Placeholder Mo Yao $7.90
Placeholder Mu Dan Pi $7.90
Placeholder Mu Gua $5.50
Placeholder Mu Li $5.90
Placeholder Mu Li (Duan) $5.90
Placeholder Mu Xiang (Chuan) $7.50
Placeholder Nan Sha Shen $9.90
Placeholder Niu Bang Zi $7.90
Placeholder Niu Xi $7.80
Placeholder Nu Zhen Zi $6.50
Placeholder Nuo Dao Gen $6.15
Placeholder Ou Jie $6.50
Placeholder Pao Jiang $10.90
Placeholder Pei Lan $5.95
Placeholder Pi Pa Ye $5.90
Placeholder Ping Wei San $9.25
Placeholder Pu Gong Ying $5.90
Placeholder Pu Huang $9.90
Placeholder Pu Huang Tan $10.90
Placeholder Qi Bao Mei Ran Dan $16.50
Placeholder Qi Ju Di Huang Wan $12.25
Placeholder Qian Cao $9.90
Placeholder Qian Cao Tan $9.50
Placeholder Qian Hu $12.50
Placeholder Qian Nian Jian $4.90
Placeholder Qian Shi $7.90
Placeholder Qiang Huo $14.50
Placeholder Qin Jiao $13.80
Placeholder Qin Pi $5.50
Placeholder Qing Dai $9.80
Placeholder Qing Hao $4.50
Placeholder Qing Pi $6.50
Placeholder Qu Mai $4.50
Placeholder Quan Shen $7.95
Placeholder Quan Xie $49.50
Placeholder Ren Dong Teng $6.90
Placeholder Ren Shen (Bai) $48.85
Placeholder Ren Shen (Hong Shen) $45.00
Placeholder Rou Cong Rong $17.90
Placeholder Rou Dou Kou $15.90
Placeholder Rou Gui $12.50
Placeholder Ru Xiang $8.50
Placeholder San Leng $7.90
Placeholder San Qi (1:1) $26.50
Placeholder Sang Bai Pi $5.50
Placeholder Sang Ji Sheng $4.95
Placeholder Sang Ju Yin $10.95
Placeholder Sang Piao Xiao $19.90
Placeholder Sang Piao Xiao San $17.50
Placeholder Sang Shen $6.50
Placeholder Sang Ye $4.90
Placeholder Sang Zhi $6.50
Placeholder Sha Ren $19.90
Placeholder Sha Shen $9.90
Placeholder Sha Shen Mai Dong Tang $13.95
Placeholder Sha Yuan Zi $7.50
Placeholder Shan Ci Gu $27.50
Placeholder Shan Yao $10.50
Placeholder Shan Zha $6.90
Placeholder Shan Zha (Jiao) $7.90
Placeholder Shan Zhu Yu (Shan Yu Rou) $15.50
Placeholder Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang $13.95
Placeholder Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang_CAPSULE $9.95
Placeholder She Chuang Zi $6.90
Placeholder She Gan $9.00
Placeholder Shen Jin Cao $5.90
Placeholder Shen Ling Bai Zhu San $14.95
Placeholder Shen Ling Bai Zhu San_CAPSULE $11.95
Placeholder Shen Qu $8.50
Placeholder Shen Tong Zhu Yu Tang $13.95
Placeholder Sheng Di Huang $6.75
Placeholder Sheng Jiang $5.90
Placeholder Sheng Ma $9.90
Placeholder Sheng Mai San $18.95
Placeholder Shi Chang Pu $6.90
Placeholder Shi Gao $5.20
Placeholder Shi Hu $14.90
Placeholder Shi Jian Chuan $6.60
Placeholder Shi Jue Ming $7.50
Placeholder Shi Liu Pi $4.15
Placeholder Shi Wei $5.90
Placeholder Shu Di Huang $6.95
Placeholder Si Gua Luo $9.20
Placeholder Si Jun Zi Tang $11.50
Placeholder Si Jun Zi Tang_CAPSULE $11.74
Placeholder Si Ni San $11.50
Placeholder Si Wu Tang $11.95
Placeholder Si Wu Tang_CAPSULE $11.39
Placeholder Su Mu $7.50
Placeholder Suan Zao Ren $18.95
Placeholder Suan Zao Ren Tang $16.95
Placeholder Suan Zao Ren Tang_CAPSULE $13.95
Placeholder Suo Yang $4.90
Placeholder Tai Zi Shen $26.50
Placeholder Tan Xiang $16.95
Placeholder Tao Hong Si Wu Tang $13.50
Placeholder Tao Hong Si Wu Tang_CAPSULE $10.78
Placeholder Tao Ren $12.50
Placeholder Tian Dong $6.90
Placeholder Tian Hua Fen $5.90
Placeholder Tian Ji Huang $9.78
Placeholder Tian Kui Zi $9.00
Placeholder Tian Ma $36.90
Placeholder Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin $14.95
Placeholder Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin_CAPSULE $12.50
Placeholder Tian Nan Xing $13.95
Placeholder Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan $14.95
Placeholder Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan_CAPSULE $12.50
Placeholder Ting Li Zi $6.50
Placeholder Tong Cao $13.20
Placeholder Tu Fu Ling $6.50
Placeholder Tu Si Zi $7.60
Placeholder Wa Leng Zi $6.50
Placeholder Wang Bu Liu Xing $5.50
Placeholder Wei Ling Xian $6.50
Placeholder Wen Dan Tang $12.50
Placeholder Wen Jing Tang $15.25
Placeholder Wen Jing Tang_CAPSULE $13.46
Placeholder Wu Jia Pi $13.90
Placeholder Wu Ling San_CAPSULE $11.77
Placeholder Wu Ling Zhi $8.90
Placeholder Wu Mei $7.50